plasmacytic series

plasmacytic series
(Hämat) Plasmazellenreihe f

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  • plasmacyte series — plasmacytic series a series of morphologically distinguishable cells that are stages in plasma cell development: in order of maturity, the plasmablast (an activated B cell usually referred to as a large lymphocyte or lymphoblast), proplasmacyte,… …   Medical dictionary

  • plasmablast — Precursor of the plasma cell. SYN: plasmacytoblast. [plasma + G. blastos, germ] * * * plas·ma·blast plaz mə .blast n a precursor of a plasma cell * * * plas·ma·blast (plazґmə blast) [plasma + blast] the earliest precursor in the plasmacytic… …   Medical dictionary

  • proplasmacyte — A cell in the process of differentiating from a plasmablast to a mature plasma cell. * * * pro·plas·ma·cyte (pro plazґmə sīt) a precursor in the plasmacytic series, being a cell intermediate between the plasmablast and the plasma cell …   Medical dictionary

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